Laura Vautour (b. 1993 Guelph, ON) 

Laura Vautour works through physical and emotional states focusing on painting and photography processes. Cherishing the beauty and complexity of creation is central to Laura's life and practice. She draws from her Christian faith and embraces the freedom that comes with acknowledging that her ability to create is a reflection of the Greatest Creator. Through the deconstruction of data, she simplifies compositions to their most basic elements to make sense of unmanageable periods of time and space. The iterations of line form patterns and create tension expressing the boundaries in her relationships and environments. Laura is interested in obsessive and neurotic tendencies, in the accumulation and the reorganizing. While structure and organization are at the forefront of her practice, she enjoys and welcomes the whimsical and the wonky. 

Laura currently resides in Guelph, Ontario where she is studying Studio Art and English at the University of Guelph.